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In her scanners, Haruka was able to see that Katsu had engaged a high powered battle suit, much different from the ones they were facing right now that seemed more like cannon fodder. As she noticed the others were keeping to their mission, she suddenly realized that it was maybe the enemy that Katsu had long been waiting to face once more and so she decided to leave him alone.

"Lets clean up this place and go home", Haruka said as she began wiping out the rest of them with relative ease. There was something odd about the battle but she expected it. The foes were all too easy, nothing so big as to represent a threat that they needed the elite team go in an blast everything to hell.

She kept flying in the air occasionally destroying targets moving in for her teammates and began noticing how the fire from both factions began to quiet down. Only Katsu was engaged in combat still. But she knew he had to finish this on his own. She would only fall back and just step in if it was entirely necesary, after all, she didn't want to lose an ally.

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