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Name: Chiron Gethyro
Race: Umbral
Gender: Male
Archetype: Mage
Class: Elementalist
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Backstory: An incredibly rare kind of Umbral, Chiron is one of the few who would intervene in the solid world. What makes him unique is that he does not entirely care if the solids he comes into contact are good or evil, but if they are interesting. He finds the variety of solid races to be fascinating and enjoys spending time watching them. One day he decided to not just to venture into the solid world but to actually stay there. He decided the race who prove themselves to be the most worthy would be what he would shapeshift as. He encountered the elves on his first visit and was impressed by their magical abilities. He then sought out the dwarves after learning of the uneasiness between the two races. He once again found himself in awe at the dwarves' might. His final encounter was with the humans, who proved to be the jack of all trades as he called them. Seeing that each race was equally amusing to him he decided to take an appearance entirely unique to him(based strongly off of his ghost form but more "fleshy" as he calls it). Now he travels around looking for new and interesting solids to meet.

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