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NAME: Perdante Argentys, formerly known as the Silver Paragon
RACE: Human
GENDER: Female
CLASS: Former Paragon, and now just plain boring Fighter (to be trained...)
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral, formerly Lawful Good
WEAPONS: Dagger and longsword, known as "Ychec" and "Macht"

BACKSTORY: Perdante was once known as Gagnante Argentys, or the Silver Paragon--one of the most renowned warriors in the eastern part of Nirriven, where Humans primarily reside. Not only was she skilled in battle, but as a Paragon, she knew how to inspire her allies to perform great feats of courage and her foes to quake in fear. Seeking to become the Kyng's lieutenant and second-in-command, Gagnante entered a Duel of the Fates in the palace's vast Crucible arena. The prize for victory? Proximity and an advisory role to the Kyng himself. The penalty for defeat? Bearing the Brand of the Vanquished for all eternity and being sent into exile. The Kyng, loving battle above all else, deemed losing unacceptable. Only a champion would ever fight at his side. Thus, the [Human Warrior/Berserker] won, and seeks to claim the throne. However, the [Elven Inceptor] is definitely getting in his/her way!

In the dark forest outskirts of the Reaching Mountains in the West, Perdante serves out her lifelong sentence, subsisting on whatever game she can hunt. She hopes to find refuge with the Dwarves or the Elves, but will either race accept her--an exile and vanquished Paragon who has been cast down from the heights? Since she lost the Duel of the Fates, she has lost her powers...

Will she be able to redeem herself as civil war looms imminent in Nirriven?

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