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Name: Jenna Talravin
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Archetype: Mage
Class: Inceptor
Alignment: Neutral but leaning towards good
Weapon/Accessory: Staff with intricate and detailed carvings on it, possibly a long sword but no one ever bothered to ask
Appearance: Tall and willowy as well as athletic with light brown to blonde hair that falls down the length of her back; reddish brown eyes that are unusual for an Elf. Clothing is mostly robes that seem to swirl as she walks but move quickly out of the way should she be caught in a fight

Backstory: An Elven Inceptor, who was, oddly enough, brought over from the mountains in the West to teach the Human race magick. Jenna started out studying the schools of Healing and Elementalism, and taught Men to harness the power of restorative and primal magick. In the course of her teachings, she was able to discover an old method of healing that utilized the Elemental aspect of magick and secretly began practicing the art working towards a workable level. Along the way to perfecting her technique, she discovered that the basic elements wielded in this magick required something more. She continued to teach Humans the primal forms of magick but was reserved in the more powerful forms. It was not an issue of capability but more of an issue of trust for some of the pupils she had showed a thirst for knowledge and power that was alarming. A few times had her utilizing her staff to amplify her powers in order to correct mistakes that would have been costly.

At the midpoint of her life, she became fascinated with the forbidden school of Inception. The ability to have power over the mind was a lure that few could resist. However the lure for her was one as a means of knowledge. She studied and mastered the principles of Inception and became well aware the vast power an Inceptor had over others. She saw it when she used it to calm the minds of beasts and when her masters toyed with the minds of people. Recognizing the power of Inception, Jenna adopted the notion that if power was kept in one group's hand for too long, it corrupts. She had seen it with fellow Inceptors who abused their power in order to have things done their way. While never one to get involved in disputes, Jenna took a moral high ground on this. As a means of balancing out the scale, she took one out of every thousand humans to study this art, and thus there are so few Human Inceptors that they're almost nonexistent. Some would say that it is a monopoly of the art but Jenna was highly selective in who she taught. She looked for individuals that showed not only talent promise but the ability to exercise some moral judgement.

Jenna is not inherently evil, just "grey" and entirely pro-magic, giving off more of a cynic view of the world and has a tendency to see things in a larger picture. She could always be counted upon to make a quirky reply to things said, often having the effect of relieving tension. She wanders much throughout the lands occupied by humans but lives in a house overlooking a magickal river where she practices magick and also a deist. As a courtesy for her teaching human mages, she was taught how to wield a sword even though she is skilled in the art of staff fighting by a grateful student. In return, she taught that student Elemental magick to complement his Inception power.

Something else developed between the two. As a result Athra was born. Due to the fact that society prevented the close attachment, Jenna made the difficult choice in abandoning Athra to live the existence of a half Elf but not without leaving a mark of protection on her. It could be said that pride prevented the acknowledgement of her daughter given Jenna's nature to be cynical of all things yet it was a mask that hid her true feelings. She never stopped hoping that maybe Athra would seek her out even if only to shout condemnation at her.

Hope that works.

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