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Initially Because It tied in with the Tales of The Jedi comics, which to me is the best of all Star Wars, the whole era to me, including pre- 5000 BBY, was just perfect, Its basically what kept me involved with Star Wars between trilogies... But now of course with the mods, the comics, and now "The Old Republic" (Although a lot of the Stylistic decisions, ie; Clothing and equipment ships etc in tOR are leaving behind what made that era cooler...) its its own Beast, so I need not concern myself with George Lucas and His Retcon and Cartoon Hijinx lol! but yea, It (KotOR I) felt like Star Wars did when I was a Kid... you know, not just "Well, I had to go back and explain how the Force worked, and edit in more aliens" its was Classic SW and Storytelling for a reason

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