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Name: Alaire Sechtaine
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Female
Archetype: Warrior
Class: Reaver
Alignment: chaotic/neutral used to be chaotic/evil

Weapon: Scythe and two twin scimitars.
Backstory: Alaire grew up in an elven village, despised by all of it's inhabitants due to the fact that her mother was human. Her village was raided by humans and by a chance encounter she was saved by a human warrior of great fame. She was taken to a human village where she traded the hate of her fellow elves, to the hate of the humans, she was often looked down upon, bullied and humiliated. But when the time came for her choice as part of the army, she chose to become a Reaver like her savior. She wanted to be able to destroy those who destroyed her. And so as part of her final test as a Reaver, she went back to the village that she was taken from to find it rebuilt. Some of the villagers recognized her only too late as she slaughtered every single man, woman and child single handedly, taking their souls to increase her power.

In time she only found it more difficult to quiet the voices of the souls she had taken, not even all the ale or wine could make her visions and regrets fade away. And so she left her unit, deserted her fellow Reavers and went out into the world as mercenary for hire but she made it clear she would not take a life unless completely necessary. Of course, being a Reaver who depended on souls for her power, she became rather weak but her ability with weapons were second to none and she can hold her own in a fight pretty easily.

Formerly known as "Miracle"

No puedo olvidarte
sacarte de mi
respiro, no puedo
me ahoga mirarte,
sal de mi piel...

Belinda - Sal de mi piel

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