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Name: Jaeuth Gercrowe
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Archetype: Mage
Class: Former Elementalist, now Arcane Warrior
Alignment: Formerly True Neutral, now Lawful Neutral
Weapon/Accessory: An Arcane Spear capable of channeling magic like a Mage's staff, yet allowing for full contact battle. Most everything else he has are his clothes (washed weekly...he's tidier than most.), and the pouches he has that carry his personal stuff (money, magical ingredients, small scrolls, not-so-magical ingredients, a midsized book written in the long dead dialect of the Ancient Arcanes', and some other stuff that will pop into my head - that he should have - later, etc.), oh, and let's try not to forget to mention his fists (combined with a little magic) count as weapons too.
Appearance: Monk-like

Backstory: A man who has long dwelt in the frigid north, he's grown up attached to the both secluded, and nomadic lifestyle of many of the people that live as far up north as he did/has. He practiced magic, an ability rare in the northern folk (Practice of magic is rare, I should specify; latent/inherently magical people are not - to the contrary, there's a higher concentration of them in the north.), as they have no formal ways of teaching. With this handicap, as well as the fact that he had no teacher, nor any real knowledge of what magic was or what it could do beyond the stories his people told for generations, and a lack of any channeling device (a mage's staff, basically) for his beginning skills, he used what little he knew, and all he had, to forge his skills.

With the elements as his only palpable substance he put martial talent to the practice of magic, and after years he had perfected his own self-styled use of magic; many who would hear the story of his practices later (usually through him telling them) would say he had reenacted the creation of elemental magic (or at least it's use). Many mages who saw his magic in use would say he had taken the now defined use of Elementalism, and taken it back to it's roots to such an accurate (and more pure) mark, many older, wizened mages questioned their forms of magic for what they might be, quite a few feared what they came to conclude.

But this was not the most significant thing that had occurred to Jaeuth in his life, indeed the acknowledgment as a natural, if not pure, user of magic was something that made him smile, and gave him a sense of satisfaction for all the hard work and many years he'd put in to becoming a Mage, but it was not the most significant. Many of the things that happened in his life that were of more importance were those things often done in the dark, in privacy, in secrecy from the world. One such thing, if not the most important, was his discovery by a woman who also lived in the north, but unlike him she was an elf, and unlike him she dwelt in the frozen reaches that are so far north, not even his people dare go there, even for gathering food (as they follow some migrating animals), even if it (the food) goes there, and the temptation is strong.

This elven woman found him while he was traveling north to meet up with his tribe/people, she caught up to him from behind, as if she were simply a traveler looking to find someone to walk with, but in the end their conversation headed in a direction that made Jaeuth realize he had been more than just happened upon, but sought out, the woman seeming to know a great deal about him, she told him of her knowledge of his very primal skill in Elementalism, and told him of his inherent martial talent, which he used in his practice of the magical art(s). She thought this, combined with his (at the time) more Pure Neutral nature gave him a quality that was rare, and desirable for teaching. She took him to the far northern reaches, into the lands that his people didn't enter, and she told him secrets, taught him ancient languages, and gave him a new last name (not all that important, but it explains his more civilized last name). When he finally left a few years later, he emerged with new knowledge, like for one, that the woman was in fact not elven, but an Umbral, one who'd long dwelt in the north in solid form, keeping ancient traditions alive, teaching only select few individuals that embodied what resembled the Arcane people of old, and their practices; putting down any elves who saw fit to think that they deserved to monopolize on the Arcane arts that they found in these few individuals, or (to the more extreme side) even eliminate the few who had the abilities (not that those individuals couldn't care for themselves, she simply saw it more fit, if not easier to quell the issues herself, lest she sit around and watch her precious few pupils shrink in numbers until they united too late to do anything to save themselves.).

With his new abilities as an Arcane Warrior, and a well deserved conduit for his magical abilities (not that he needs it), he set out with a task that he felt was strange for one so reclusive, and selectively picky with her choices (btw: they had no romantic moments between them, his at-the-time Pure Neutral nature driving him to only focus on one thing, his new practice of magic as an Arcane Warrior.). He began teaching Magic to those in the north, provided with more current and up-to-date supplies/knowledge of the different magic arts, he set up a foundation by selectively (quite picky too) choosing only a few people in the northern realm to teach, providing each with a solid base of knowledge, as well as supplies (but no conduits, hm, I wonder?), he taught them collectively, then separately, and then left them to fend for themselves. With the supplies and knowledge provided, they progressed in their abilities faster than he had ever, and with a few more visits from him to provide advice and knowledge, they began teaching others, and with time magical mosques began cropping up from these original few.

To this day there are still only a few of these mosques (one for each specific art/practice of magic excluding the Arcane arts, such as Mage-Warrior arts, and Blood Magic. Only the Healing arts, and Elemental arts have multiple mosques - two mosques each art - one for the practicality of it, seeing as the Healing mosques double as small medical centers; one for the sake of honoring Jaeuth, who passed himself off as his original Elementalist self to his students while teaching them. The original students of Jaeuth agreeing to use the second Elemental mosque to try and honor, and emulate, their master's more pure style of Elemental magic, this mosque being the most coveted one to get into - besides the Inception mosque, which has a very small student base, but is still very coveted to get into, especially by younger elves from the south.) but they are the most coveted teaching institutes of magic any group of humans has ever created, but are also very secluded, these institutes allowing very few southerners to join on the basis of their priorities, self-serving mages (which are very often southern, seeing as the nature of the northern people is a more external concern towards the well being of their people, not the advancement of their own wills and desires, and it's that quality that gives most northerners an almost palpably humble air that very strongly distinguishes them from southerners. Not only southerners, but elves too, the mosques having no prejudice towards race or gender, but still find most elves that wish to practice magic at the mosques to be very pompous and snide, if not condescending, only applying to get in to see how their own magical teaching institutes compare - often times to see how less capable they are, so they can tell their elven mage brethren for a good laugh.) are often times excluded, lest their self-serving is actually for a good cause (then technically it would be less self-serving.).

These mosques having taken on the famous name of the Hoarfost Mosques, taking on the original last name of Jaeuth, who, just like his practice of magic, passed off his old last name as to who/what he was, not giving away to his students what he really was, nor who he now called himself, allowing him to move into obscurity, a thing that the Umbral woman had planned from the beginning. Now he patrols the cold steppes of the southern borders of the northern realm (which I forgot to mention is not apart of the Kyngdom, only a sort of 'free-land', although the northern peoples will claim 'allegiance' with the Kyngdom, seeing as it's only real importance are the teaching mosques, which are a few secluded buildings in the frigid, snowy land, spaced so far apart, and with so few established external buildings, they don't really count for anything to the Kyngdom, even with all their renown. Though during the rising civil war the peoples of the north can/will very quickly withdraw any sense of 'allegiance' seeing as a civil war is what the people of the north would call a personal matter, and something that they do not desire to waste the precious few lives that live in the north to the petty political affairs of an internally turmoiled nation.), somewhere to the west near the mountainous reaches of the elves and dwarves, gathering whispered news from his Umbral teacher that problems may arise between them, and he should be there to see that it does not spread into the north, and be contracted by the mosques.

It's a bit much, but I think it fleshes out one somewhat unimportant area of the world, which should give the more important areas some much needed substance... ...I've been playing too much Dragon Age.

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