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If nobody wants to take him, I will, and I'm making him a Dwarf instead of a Human, because so far there are no Dwarves in the story and they're cool! :P

NAME: Faren Mageslayer
RACE: Dwarf
CLASS: Berserker
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic "Good" (err, he THINKS he's doing the right thing...)
WEAPON: "Palach", a giant two-handed executioner's axe
APPEARANCE: Will come later/see below

BACKSTORY: Faren, a Dwarven Berserker, has always lived for the thrill of battle. He has also always hated mages--except for Healers, especially the captured Elven slaves who are the only ones who can properly tend to his wounds! He views all other forms of magic, especially Inception, to be abominations against mortalkind and against the god he reveres, his Creator.

Even though he has lived an isolated life deep beneath the surface of the Reaching Mountains, never even having seen a Human until his twenty-first year, Faren could not resist that Human crier's call: a summons to a Duel of the Fates in order to become the lieutenant of the Kyng of Nirriven himself! Gathering up "Palach", his faithful headsman's axe, Faren made the arduous journey to the east on foot--a remarkable feat, even for one of his kind. After all that traveling, he expected to win the grand Duel--which he did. His final opponent, however, who lost to him, was a beautiful WOMAN, of all people!

Women are forbidden to take up arms underground, except if they are of high birth and have been trained by the best male soldiers. Triumphant and gloating over his victory against Perdante Argentys, he himself painted the Brand of the Vanquished upon her face as she knelt in humble submission. This made him desire a further prize: the vanquished herself, but she managed to flee the Crucible arena before he could get his hands (and loins!) on her.

Having been the Kyng's lieutenant, Faren knows that the throne is his by right of martial law, but a sinful Elven Inceptor seeks to challenge him and his god. The Berserker knows that he needs the help of many to reach his goal of uniting Nirriven under his monotheistic and militaristic banner. For now, the realm lurches toward civil war. Will the Mageslayer remain triumphant?

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