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Nirriven: Divided We Fall!



At last, sunset! Perdante Argentys had always loved this time of the evening, when the sun blazed red and the sky cooled to soft blues and purples around it. It was her favorite hour of the day to hunt, for that was when deer and rabbits came to refresh themselves at the stream near her primitive camp. Perdante was good at fighting, being a former Paragon of the vast realm of Nirriven, but hunting was not her forte. If she would have been more skilled, she would have ventured out to catch game in the morning or at midday, but the animals were more skittish then. At sunset they were calm, yearning for sleep instead of fresh activity. Perdante concealed herself among some nearby trees to watch the deer arrive.

Something that sounded incredibly large rustled and snapped several branches not far away from where she stood, waiting. Turning her head with a reflexive jerk, the young warrior almost did not have time to scream before a great bear growled, charging headlong at her. Apparently, Perdante was not the only hunter who preferred the sunset's glow to illuminate her prey! Before her mind truly registered what her body was doing, her limber arms unsheathed "Ychec" and "Makht", her trusty, well-worn dagger and longsword. As the bear tried to sink its teeth into her midsection, Perdante stabbed its muzzle with "Ychec". The bear, startled, stumbled backward, but not for long. Even though its muzzle was sensitive, it was not going to lose this chance to feast upon some tasty deer--or an even tastier human! It charged again, relentless.

Perdante fought hard, harder than she ever had in any other skirmish save her newly-lost Duel of the Fates, but the bear's girth and claws proved too much for her. It knocked her to the ground, preparing to maul her with a final coup de grace...
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