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"Well I apologize to you Rada, I am afraid I do not know the way to the base of the Reaching Mountains, I am merely trying to cross it myself, but I don't mind protecting you for a while. It doesn't hurt to help every now and then, you never know when you might need a helping hand", Alaire said but didn't bother looking at the elven mage, in a way she resented the elves more than the humans. At least with the humans she had attained reknown and fame as a reaver although most feared her more than they respected her. But she did speak to the elven mage. "Perhaps the mage knows the way".

Alaire petted her wolf, she was wiggling her tail as a happy dog but she snarled every now and then towards the mage. It seemed her resentment towards the elves channeled through her wolf and so she petted her to calm her.

"Don't mind Larissa, she sometimes tends to get over protective of me", Alaire said.

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