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For a fleeting moment, Perdante wondered if the hares that she was presently sharing with Alaire, and the Elven mage who had saved her life, had eaten some toadstools which caused you to see things that were not there. The warrior herself had eaten only a few of those, and the frightening visions she had experienced had kept her from going out to hunt for two days straight. Where were all these other people, whether Elven or half-elven, coming from? It seemed to be more than a mere coincidence that all four of them were in this particular section of the Veiled Forest, when it was just as vast an expanse in the western part of Nirriven as the plains were in the east...Was some divine plan at work? It gave her the shivers to think of it.

The former Paragon's reverie was interrupted by a Wood Troll, newly-emerged from its cover of foliage, tumbling to the ground with a thud that made the whole earth shake. Perdante screamed and then covered her mouth with her hands, knowing that she had instantly made a fool of herself.

"I'm sorry!", she apologized for what seemed the thousandth time in a matter of only an hour. "I didn't know there were such monsters in this forest! I only thought there were animals, such as the bear that tried to maul me not too long ago. My name is Per--er, Rada--and I'm trying to decide if you are real or simply another vision. I don't believe that the toadstool poison I accidentally ingested two days ago has worn off completely. I've only just now come out to hunt, and these two helpful ladies have shared their food and life-saving skills with me.

"As have you," she continued. "Do tell me: do you know the way out of here? I've been staying in a clearing nearby for the past week, and I'm tired of it. I'm weak and near-starved. This fine meat truly helps, but I fear I shall not last long if I don't find the base of the Reaching Mountains soon. I seek out the Elves and the Dwarves--whoever will take a young sword-for-hire."

All of a sudden, Perdante blinked and looked at the mage, and then back to the half-elven beauty that had just arrived. "You say that the Elven Mage is your mother?"

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