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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Harbinger of Fate
Viridian Bandit

Non-SW fantasy: The hero jumps down the rabbit hole twice

The piece is interesting with the twist of going trough the same thing twice even though he had himself warned them not to do it. Not much has happened as yet, but I would like to see more.

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Knights of the Old Republic - War in the Shadows
Penguin Unit

Post TSL: A year after the Exile’s departure, three of her trainees follow.

The piece moves smoothly, though a bit forced in it’s progression. Everything is in past tense so we do not get a feel for how the expedition members are feeling.

Technical note; A single ship would be ignored most of the time, but you’re sending two warships, which would not. It would cause more problems later.

I tend to agree with the author; they built an entire era that stands alone, then threw it away to do TOR. From what I have heard so far there are few links to the two eras.


Dark Side Male Revan

Second Chances - Prologue
Renee Enderson

Pre-KOTOR on Dantooine: Bastila speaks of her captivity under Revan

The piece take a diverging course from what we know, and the divergence is into interesting ground. What if she had been held by Revan before the capture of the dark lord? How long had it been, and is the claim by Vrook of Stockholm Syndrome remotely valid?

I for one, want to see more.

Dark Side Female Revan

Sic ‘em

Pre-KOTOR: Fighting fire with fire

Knowing what I do about black operations, the piece is well done. In every war the ‘just’ side has consider taking a leaf from the enemy’s book. Rotterdam (albeit only a threat carried out accidentally) and the bombing of Coventry led to the terror bombing of half a dozen German cities, and the firebombing of Japanese ones, because the Allies felt it was proper to answer terror with terror.

An excellent dark side piece.

Pick of the Week

Other KOTOR characters

Leave it

Pre KOTOR: Malak says goodbye

The piece is smooth, the characterization perfect. As another said Revan is just an adjunct to the story as this is Malak’s big scene.

The Gift

Originally reviewed 31 March 06 That review is below

In the interim between KOTOR I and II

On Carth’s birthday, he gets a very special present from Jolee.

The style is crisp and clean, drawing you in and keeping you going. 38 readers on the site gave it a thumbs up.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Jedi Boadicea

Pre KOTOR: Her training had never covered this

The story flows from the dragging agony of the escape, to the preparations for the Endar Spire’s departure, and every step you can feel Bastila’s weariness. The last line is perfect, because it is not something you would expect a Jedi to learn.

Pick of the Week

Wild Guess

Pre Mandalorian Wars: A possible separation sends Malak into a tizzy.

The piece is light and cute. As for the end, take a wild guess.

Let Your Hair Down
Helena L

KOTOR at Tatooine: Sometimes you need to learn to relax

The piece is a nice bit of smooth fluff, the main character taking Bastila out for a drink, and Bastila getting into the relaxation. Some downtime few authors give their characters. Well done.

Kyros Orion

Post KOTOR: The son of Revan follows his father’s path

The piece is good, but the idea that he is the Exile as it appears it will be does not fit the time frame. If you accept that time frame, he would have been exiled at six.

The fall of Earth The rise of The Republic

Pre Republic: The Rakatans invade… Earth

The writing style is crisp and journal like, and well done. All of the problems are technical, andI will address them next

Technical; Remember all of the movies begin ‘Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away’ which precludes a technological Earth to be part of it. As often as it has been suggested that humanity has built technological empires which later collapsed, and started over from barbarism, there is no evidence that it has occurred.

Second, having someone other than a linguist find and read a journal purported to be 25 millennia old assumes the language had survived. English is a relatively new language, and even Chinese which is much older is believed to be less than 13,000 years old and has changed dramatically when you consider their writing system is only 4,000 years old. Languages are in a constant state of low level flux with words changing meanings. The word awful which we think of as terrible was considered s compliment in the 16th century; it was applied to Queen Elizabeth speaking of the awe people felt at her presence. In my own lifetime the word Pagan which meant the hicks who lived outside the Roman cities has come to mean atheist.

Third you have an interstellar war, a very long haul proposition without a method of faster than light travel. Having the Surtins go to the ‘neighboring’ planet implies that they came from say Alpha Centauri, a trip of about six years. No one has contemplated a war on that scale for the simple reason that there is no way to have command of your troops over such distances. The Mongol invasion of Europe stopped because the Great Khan had died, and their law required the leaders of the various assault forces to come bring their men home and swear fealty, but the month to six weeks it took for a dispatch rider to start near Ulaanbaatar and ride to Vienna Austria is nothing compared to six years if the Surtins had the same custom. That invasion never resumed.

I surmise that faster than light travel is not common because everyone is astonished when the Rakata use it.

Finally, you have two resources that are functionally inexhaustible in the story, the crystal the Mandalorians have and the Thagreium fuel from Pluto. Either the is something observable that causes renewal or resources are exhaustible.

My Promise

Ebon Hawk after the Leviathan: Haunted by her own past and sensing another evil to fight, Revan says goodbye to Carth.

The piece is well wrought, with a flow that draws you along. The internal arguments between her past and present selves is well done, each speaking with their own voice and attitudes.

Pick of the Week

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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