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"This is Vega. I...require assistance."

Zhao looked towards the direction of Katsu after impaling one last mech with his pike and stomping on its head. He was about to boost towards the squad with his jetpack, when Zhao saw Xavier advance and start to destroy the squad, while Katsu focused on a rather powerful looking mech.

Show off, he didn't leave any for me, Zhao thought, but he still couldn't help but smirk at Xavier's boldness. It was at this moment that he noticed Xavier was charging towards the last mech.

He' probably going to hate me for this later, but this is just too good of an opportunity. That was Zhao's thought as he activated his jetpack and boosted forward at a very fast speed, hitting the enemy mech on the side with his pike, and kept boosting forward until his pike, still with the mech impaled on it, hit a crumbling wall from the fort, stopping Zhao's charge. Zhao then took out his MGs and fired point blank, eventually reducing the mech to a couple of broken parts. He removed his pike from the wall, causing what was left of the enemy to crumble on to the ground.

"I couldn't let you have all the fun, could I, Psycho?" Zhao said, with a mischevious grin on his face.

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