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Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
The devs say over on the official forums said that the limit of 3 options was just in the demo they are showing and that, like ME, the wheel can accommodate up to 6 choices in a single screen, with the option of paging through multiple screens if needs be.
I guess this demonstrates the danger of releasing info about an upcoming product in small bits and pieces. Without seeing the whole picture people get the impression that what they see now is all that they'll get, and such misconceptions can be hard to do something about once they've taken root.

Just like how the Bearded Wonder protagonist they've been using so far in screenshots and demos has made some previewing sites/magazines jump to the conclusion that you'll play as a fixed male warrior protagonist where you can't change the gender, profession or other specifics.

Kind of sad that you need to plow through the Bioware forums for developer posts to find out actual facts about the game, something only the Hardcore fans would consider doing. How hard would it be to put all the released info as a summary on the official site, really?

Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
To me the wheel interface itself isn't the problem, it's the overall shift in direction they appear to be taking. Everything I see from the devs just reminds me of the Lucas "faster, more intense" mantra.
I'm kind of ambivalent about the whole dialog wheel/VO thing. I prefer a voiced main character to a mute one who just stands there nodding while people talk to her, but I also like seeing in advance just what the character will say if I pick a particular response.

The Mass Effect games were notoriously poor at that. Made me scratch my head several times wondering if I slipped and clicked the wrong reply option when the character says/does something completely different than what the reply option would suggest.

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