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The devs have said that no company releases every last drop of info about a game this far out from release, and that's a fair point. However, the info they have released to date does strike me as odd. They've made it very clear they have no particular interest in pandering to the tastes of long term Bioware fans or existing Origins fans. It seems they spy greener pastures in mainstream land. I'm not sure their current marketing approach really serves that market very well though. It seems like they are both alienating their current user base and at the same time offering up something to the mass market that is probably going to get a resounding "meh".

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Kind of sad that you need to plow through the Bioware forums for developer posts to find out actual facts about the game, something only the Hardcore fans would consider doing.
At least they make that easy to do, just by clicking the BW icon next to the thread title, happily a feature from the old forums they retained.
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