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Adding player models to SP and scripting(?) questions

Hi all,

I was wondering a couple of things. I have never modded anything for the JK series (I have done a little KotOR series stuff), and I have downloaded a few mod packs with player models. I am guessing they are for MP.

To get these in game for SP I believe one has to use the playermodel cheat. I was wondering if it is possible to add these models to the race selection as separate races, and if so how?

Second Question: I have downloaded 2 Darth Maul models, 1 robed(hooded) and 1 with no robe. I was wondering how to write a script that can be keybound to switch between models when in game, so you can run around hooded and cloaked, then suddenly rip off the cloak to enter combat, just like in the climactic lightsaber duel in EP1! (not looking to animate the robe removal though)

Third Question: Is it possible to make a keybound script for switching sabers? Explanation: I would like to have dual single sabers (custom model) and a saberstaff that was the dual sabers joined, and also be able to use just 1 of the dual sabers on it's own, and have keybindings to switch between the 3 options. so for example numpad 1: single saber, numpad 2: dual sabers, numpad 3: saberstaff. This would emulate having twin sabers that combine into a saberstaff, like Asajj Ventress, but also not have to use both at once.

Thanks in advance.
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