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Some other details:

Kyng - King (Queen is the same as in the real world)
Ser - Sir/Dame (gender-neutral)
Lorrd - Lord/Lady (gender-neutral)
Ard/Ardess - Earl (presides over an Arden)
Barin/Bariness - Baron/Baroness (presides over a Barinor)
The Blue Knights
Founded after the unearthing of Lindaren, the Blue Knights seek to uphold the civilised ideals of Lindaren in an uncivilised world. Though they prefer the peaceful, diplomatic solution, they are masters of the blade, maintaining a clear head at all times, giving them the upper hand against even the most frenzied berserker. They act not in the service of any god, but insteadin the service of the people of Nirriven, on the principles of logic and reason. Recognising magic to not be as black and white as Faren Mageslayer believes, the Blue Knights agreed follow their leader, Ser Jaymes Caran, in direct opposition to the Knights Opaque. While the Knights Opaque claim to be "Holy Warriors", the Blue Knights describe themselves as "Civilised Warriors", and while the Knights Opaque are primarily devout believers, the Blue Knights are composed of moderate believers, agnostics, atheists (including Ser Jaymes himself), and deists.

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