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Watching the cadets leave, Krishna grinned in amusement. The girls always gave the same look every time he scolded them, especially the greenies. The boys were about the same but were more reserved about it. One of them stood out and he had read the file on him thoroughly. He had known both of his parents and the circumstances surrounding his birth. He also knew the academic record of the boy and looked forward to treading the entrance exams on the essay portion. He followed them into the main hall.

The main hall had a head table where the graders would be sitting and grading the exams. The desks were lined up in neat rows. All the cadets had to do was come in and sit where they saw their name flashing on the screen on the desk. They would have their exams at that desk and submit where it was randomly sent to one of the graders. He watched as cadets began to file in. He caught sight of Tally who would be proctoring and walked over to her. He asked, "Checked out the new recruits yet?"


"Man I hope he isn't one of the graders," Irene said as they made their way into the hall.

"Major Krishna is the third year combat instructor," Aruko replied. "Well versed in combat history and it is rumored that he will quote history passages from The Art of War in the original Chinese. so yeah I would think he is a grader."

"Frack," Irene muttered. Upon looking at the rows of seats she asked, "Any idea where we sit?"

Aruko looked around. The screens were showing the names of the First Years. A cursoy inspection of the names and the cadets already sitting down revealed that they were arranged in a pattern of one row male, one row female and so forth. "Looks like we gotta look."

As it turned out, Akierra was on his left and Rani was on his right with Irene in front of Rani and Damien and Ray two seats behind him. He sat at his assigned seat and spoke into the voice identification, "Aruko Blackfern." The screen confirmed his ID and bidden him to wait until given instructions to begin the exam.

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