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The gamespot preview seems to have the most accurate info that I read:

Overall, the combat didn't feel remarkably different from the first Dragon Age. It flowed a little more smoothly and moved at a quicker pace, but that was mostly because our talents and spells recharged quickly after using them. That could very easily have just been something BioWare tuned for this public demo--likely a lowered difficulty to help ease players back into the experience. After this admittedly brief demo, we're confident that BioWare knows what they're doing. This isn't going to be a hack-and-slash game.
I'm not too worried about the combat, however I really don't like the art direction they took. I wasn't a huge fan of DA:O's art style, as I don't think it fit the world; however, I was hoping for a more realistic rather than comicy look for the newer Dragon Ages. VO isn't a problem in my book either, Mass Effect made silent PC games a little more awkward for me. My only concern is that the game will be A) around only 20 hours long and B) Like others have said, the "Get Lost" option turns into "ima pop a cap in yo ass."
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