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Chiron was busy napping in a tree when he awoke to a loud noise. When he finally got himself up to a sitting position he saw a large furry monster running from something...or perhaps someone. He been in this forest for a few days and couldn't find anything to do until now. He spent the first day observing a female solid. She had a nice little camp not too far from where he was but she started to bore him. Now he found himself heading in that direction because that was where the large monster had been running from.

Lucky for him when he moved around he didn't have to worry about carrying anything. All he had with him was the "flesh" form he had chosen to wear and his magical abilities. He had just gotten out of sight from his tree when he saw two goblins. He hadn't spent much time with the meat-headed imbeciles because they were not as fascinating to him as the other races were. He decided just to ignore them, however they had other plans.

One was a bow and the slightly chubbier one had an axe. The one with the axe charged Chiron screaming in its native tongue.

"Are we really doing this?" Chiron asked as he ignited one of his hands.

He shot the one with the axe right in the chest with a fireball which sent it to the ground. Chiron turned to the other goblin with and pointed his left hand at him. His left hand became covered in ice as he got ready to deal with the goblin. He hit this goblin in the legs with an ice ball, freezing it in place. Chiron considered the fight over and simply walked away without another word.

What he would find next would make Chiron one of the happiest beings alive. Not only did he find the human solid from earlier but a bunch of other solids as well. He saw two half elves, an elf, and some medium sized furry creature. Now he would have just left this group alone but what the woman had said made almost made him jump for joy. She was apparently and exiled human as she was seeking a dwarven or elven camp rather than one of her own; this human just went back to being fascinating.

Chiron wanted to look somewhat presentable for this group so he quickly dusted off his purple robes and began to get closer to them. He looked over at the human solid with his glowing red eyes and did his best to smile even though he had a mask that covered his mouth.

"Perhaps I could be of assistance then. Lucky for you travelers, I know how to get to both the Dwarves and the Elves," Chiron said looking around at the group.

These solids seem to have united in order to get out of these woods, how fascinating!

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