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Perdante Argentys had seen many creatures in her travels to the West, once she had been banished from the Court of Kyng Varhad. Even though seeing an Elf was an incredibly rare thing for a Human to do, since most Elves lived on the slopes of the Reaching Mountains, the former Paragon was not afraid. She had also encountered Dwarves before, namely one hot-headed Dwarf, Faren Mageslayer--her unfortunately-triumphant combatant in the Duel of the Fates! Half-elves? Even though they were even more rare and unusual than Elves, they did not cause Perdante to grit her teeth, stifling another scream. This red-eyed and shadowy creature, however, did...

"What manner of spirit are you?" Perdante asked once she was reassured she would not soil her underclothing out of sheer terror. "Are you a holy deva? A demon? I know not."
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