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No offense dude, but this has been discussed here MANY times. Though I guess we could go through it one more time... A few things have developed since then.

You want to know what went down? Read here:

Though DO I like the taste of dude's choice of intro music with a metal redux of Simon Belmont's theme in CastleVania 4...this is pretty much the same thing we LF'ers (regardless of for or against the MMO) have been saying for awhile now. We're being ignored and many of us are moved on thinking we'll never be heard.

Look I watched the vid... there's a lot of people here on LF who agree. HOWEVER, time will only tell what happens. Part of me thinks this is a last run/grab before uncle george retires. The MMO is happening no matter what. By this point anything goes and since we've waited this long, many are turning apathetic just like the Jedi Knights series.

I daresay I have a prediction... the MMO is a layover for an undefined destination. A sort of 'wait and see'. If enough interest is generated from it as to Revan's fate, etc., I can see something happening here. Possibly a revival of whatever was being worked on.

For now, though, we play the hand we are dealt. This is getting ahead of ourselves.

Most of us are believing this MMO is the end of it b/c it's what LA wants. I'm almost afraid that if there is another release like a K3 it will be so blatantly a money grab from a half-assed re-fried BS product that it'll kill anything SW has left in it.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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