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Well, I wasn't exactly looking for any suggestions as to how I start posting, or as to how my character enters the RP, I was simply informing everyone as to my delayed posting, and the reasoning behind it (and the fact that I would have my character waiting at the foot of the mountains, etc.).

But if you feel having my character becoming targeted/attacked gives excuse for Ser Jaymes (and the Blue Knights) being near the mountains, then fine by me. If you need a real reason for him being there (and intervening) I could make up some crock about the Knights Opaque turning their attention north to the mosques, since them attacking the elves (mages that is) in their land would be the stupidest thing for them to do, and Jaeuth could be standing in their way (since he was sent to the southwestern borders for the exact reason of keeping the mosques safe), and then Knightly Blue intervention, etc. Blah blah blah.

With the Knights Opaque's attention diverted from the north (temporarily), things could proceed from there. Sound good, or did I get a bit too into it?

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