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Originally Posted by shukkoku View Post
I played kotor many a time, because of the sheer fun of it. And isn't drew karpyshyn the one who wrote a lot of the story? well he wrote darth bane: path of destruction and darth bane: rule of two. which are amazing novels and i have read them both as much as i have played kotor, if you haven't haerd of them. Look them up

Amazing page-turners indeed. I'm in the middle of Rule of Two, and look forward to read Dynasty of Evil when I'm finished.

Anyway, I loved KOTOR from the very night I tried it for the first time, to this date. The story, characters, dialogues and atmosphere make want to play this classic again and again. I also discover new things I overlooked on previous playthroughs. This will always be my favorite Star Wars game.
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