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Some bloke has made a book about graphic adventures. Unfortunately its one of those books where the content is from wikipedia. the content is from wikipedia.
Well, the content is edited -- sometimes much, sometimes less -- and added with original info I found from other sources, plus there's many original interviews, and loads of screenshots. But yeah, as the cover mentions, I'm the editor and compiler of this, not the author.

In any case, thanks for mentioning the book

Also I'm cheap so the price is a bit steep for me at the moment
Yeah, unfortunately $29 was almost the cheapest for this page count that I could make it, if I also wanted to have it on Amazon... self-publishing service Lulu (where I could have theoretically made it cheaper) has this policy since some time to not compete with Amazon for prices, so I can't have a lower price there than at Amazon... and Amazon adds markup of their own to the whole thing.

Well, this is a fan project of someone who loves graphic adventures, I hope some of you enjoy this, and I would enjoy to hear feedback if you read this!
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