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The clock struck the hour with a loud click, and Sergeant Tally Voltaic stood at attention in the examination room. She surveyed the cadets with a measured glance.

"Welcome to all of you," she said with a smile that was both warm and duly professional. "I am Sergeant Tally Voltaic, and I'll be proctoring this exam. You shall have sixty minutes--one hour--to complete the first portion, and another ninety minutes to complete the second. I wish all of you luck and good recall. May you try your hardest, cadets, and I'll see you on the other side." Sitting back down, she breathed a sigh of satisfaction as the students lifted their pencils and set to work. Ah...the start of another year. I just love it!

((Tally's Note: To stir things up, would someone maybe like to try to cheat on the exam?))
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