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Krishna held out a stylus pen to Tally, "FedCON prefers it electronically Tally. This term you have Delta section." He indicated her seat at the long table that was closest to the window. It was the system set up so only the instructor at that seat will grade the exams that came to that terminal. "However I won't stop you from taking notes on prospects." He grinned with a mischieveous twinkle before fishing out his stylus pen to tap on his assigned screen. He watched the cadets file in taking note of Blackfern and his friends.


Aruko sat wishing he had a scrap of paper to scribble and doodle on. The wait seemed to take forever until Krishna boomed out in a loud voice, "Alright greenies. By now you should have found your seats and identified yourself to the computer. Those that haven't, I'm already disappointed in you.

"Now when told to do so, you will open your exam and complete the necessary question in verbal, reading, math, critical thought, and whatever else is on the exam. At the endof each segment, tap the submit button and it will be sent to one of the instructors up here to grade. Other instructors will be walking up and down the aisles to ensure integrity of the exams. Alright it is exactly 0900 you have until 1500 to complete all portions. Begin."

Aruko tapped the button with his stylus pencil that brought up the exam. It was reading. At the top left corner there was a letter followed by a series of numbers. His read A-2079Great they numbered us so the grader knows who we are. Oh well... He picked up his stylus and began to read the exam.

((The cheating will work as long as no papers or pencils are used lol)))

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