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Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Wow, isn't that a bit fast. That can't be good for quality... Even ME 2 took much more time and they didn't jump to another engine. Just tweaked and altered it.

This doesn't bode well
QFE. I can't help but express the same sentiments, 4+ months after Quanon posted this. I haven't drawn many conclusions about the changes BioWare is making to DA2, still waiting for more info on that front. But I am definitely concerned with the seemingly short development timeframe for DA2. IIRC DA:O was released in 2009 November. DA2 is scheduled for a 2011 March release. So let's see... add the 2... carry the 5... that's 17 months after the release of DA:O. I will be impressed if come March BioWare pulls it off and releases a quality game with minimal bugs but color me skeptical at this point in time.

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