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Alright, I COMPLETELY disregarded Korr800's post because wookieepedia is like wikipedia, anybody can put that information on the page, usually it's pretty accurate at times, but for something that hasn't even been released, someone, who believes Starkiller to be a clone wrote the plot summary for the TFU 2 page, but nobody knows 100%.

And then mrgreene32's post...yeah your newness is really showing since I honestly don't know what point you're trying to make and I don't know where you're getting at. Maybe it's just me but someone please help me understand your post.

And as for my opinion on whether he's a clone or not, I'm putting all the money on that he's not a clone. Just look at the site now, Subject 1157(I think that's it) is destroyed by Subject 1138, which I'm pretty sure is the name given to Starkiller in the first TFU while on the Empirical.

So are they giving us these big hints that the Starkiller we're controlling is not a clone, or are they giving us these hints to assume he isn't a clone, just to give us a big twist that he is one or what? I just hope he's not a clone, I find the idea of his spirit transferring bodies really kinda lame and not too Starwars-y(don't mention Dark Empire to me)

*EDIT* and don't mention my Dark Empire Emperor's clone avatar either lol. I just thought it looked cool.

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