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Ah yes, I am familiar with the development timeline for DA:O. And yes, sorry, I did know BioWare continues to use their internally developed Eclipse Engine used for DA:O in DA2 development.

What I'm not clear on is when DA2 production really began. You seem to have knowledge that some level of pre-production work was done prior to DA:O's release. Two years of development time would definitely be better than 17 months and would inspire more confidence in yours truly. But I haven't closely followed DA2 development info thus far. I will likely start paying closer attention a month or two before DA2's scheduled release to see how the game appears to be shaping up. Will BioWare score another win with DA2 or will it be BioWare's first game in the EA era that fails to meet expectations of BioWare's corporate parent? I can only await the answer to that question.

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