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Tally grimaced, feeling incredibly embarrassed that she had forgotten that FedCON was certainly on board with using the latest technology! What a dolt I am, she thought. I see that group of greenies in the back row snickering. And well they might, but still, I hope they don't pass their exams. Maturity is a key part of having what it takes to succeed here at the Academy, and one of the Top Ten Unwritten Rules is that you don't laugh AT your superiors. You only laugh WITH them, and in this case, I'm not laughing with any of you. She shook her head, but they paid no heed.

Suddenly, she heard the overly-loud stomp of booted footsteps approaching.

Frack! It's Sergeant Cul. No one else moves that noisily when not marching in formation, and he's about to tromp in here when everyone is supposed to be quiet! Tally gripped her stylus pen and waited for the explosion.

Sergeant Cul stormed into the exam room, not giving a whit about silence. He glared at the "greenies" taking their entrance exams, as if each of them were a piece of dog excrement that should be promptly scraped off of his boots. The first person he happened to see out of the corner of his eye was his incredibly lovely (and incredibly flighty) colleague, Sergeant Tally Voltaic. Insect, he thought. You are indeed a beautiful butterfly, but butterflies don't belong at the Academy. This is a military school, not a modeling agency! I don't even know how you even passed YOUR exams.

"Hello, Voltaic," he growled. "Did you forget that these tests were electronic?" Tally still had her yellow wooden No. 2 pencil with her, as well as her stylus.

Tally blushed, but then shot him a murderous glare and put a finger to her lips.

"If these greenies can't handle a little distraction, they're not fit to be here. I need to see you in private, Sergeant." He tapped his foot twice impatiently.

"Shhh. I'm proctoring." She leaned in close. "Can't this wait until later?"

"I suppose it can, but don't keep me waiting. What's my grading section?"
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