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Both the Elves and the Dwarves were good people, at least that was the case when Chiron stayed with each group. However given the fact that the majority of the group was made up of elves it would probably be best to head into Elven territory rather than risk getting into a fight with the dwarves.

He then took a few seconds to ponder the question he was asked. He could easily lead the group through these woods with no problem, even in the dark. He had almost forgotten that most solids could not see in the dark. Finally he was ready to address the group once more.

"It is good advice for those who can not see in the dark. To me it does not matter if it is light or dark out so I can not say when it is better to travel. So I will leave the decision up to the group. Would you like me to take you to the Elves now, or would you rather rest for the night and I can guide you there tomorrow?" he asked before adding in, "Or would you prefer going to see the Dwarves instead?" He said to anyone in general.
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