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((All the greenies are in the main hall. Think a bit like Harry Potter))

"Tally you're Delta section. Seat closest to the window at the main table," Krishna repeated, not at all daunted by Cul's entrance. "Cul, you're proctoring as usual. Patrol the aisles and look for signs of cheating. And no verbal intimidation."

Krishna thought it best to say it before Cul got it into his head to scare the greenies even if they weren't past the starting gate. He gave a look of warning before heading up to the main plaform and shouting for all the cadets to hear, ""Alright greenies. By now you should have found your seats and identified yourself to the computer. Those that haven't, I'm already disappointed in you.

"Now when told to do so, you will open your exam and complete the necessary question in verbal, reading, math, critical thought, and whatever else is on the exam. At the endof each segment, tap the submit button and it will be sent to one of the instructors up here to grade. Other instructors will be walking up and down the aisles to ensure integrity of the exams. Alright it is exactly 0900 you have until 1500 to complete all portions. Begin."

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