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Perdante's jaw fell slack. "So, you've heard of me, then? La Perdante? The Vanquished of the Duel of the Fates?" Horror and shame filled her heart. After a moment she said, "Faren Mageslayer is the Dwarf who won the grand Duel. Thus, he became Kyng Varhad's lieutenant, and the throne is his by martial right. Of course some dare to oppose him, such as yourself, but in this land, might makes right. I shall give you some advice: if you wish to defeat Faren, you're going to have to overpower him. Overwhelm him utterly. That is what I could not do, and he almost clove me in half." She shuddered at the memory. "I had to yield before I was slain. Faren would have slaughtered me. Yes, I fear death, but what I fear more is betraying my earthly lord and master. The Kyng himself has decreed that the loser of the final round of the Duel of the Fates is to be exiled. Varhad hates weak people, and I proved my weakness by not overcoming Faren Mageslayer."
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