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At the mention of giving the machine her name, Akeirra stared at it, intrigued. Though speech-driven interfaces were not totally foreign to her, this was certainly the first time she'd seen one used in a classroom environment. Then again, the last time she'd been in a classroom for any extended period of time, her instructor had been an almost nine-hundred-year-old Meinari. He had developed his telepathy to the point of using it as an educational tool, drawing his students into shared dreams where they could experience concepts instead of just reading about them.

Shaking her head to clear the memory, she softly spoke her name to the computer. No response. She tried a second time and still nothing. With a faint noise of protest, she lowered her voice, cleared her throat and declared slowly and deliberately, with disgust, "Akira." The computer acknowledged her then and she began, making a mental note to teach at least the computer systems to recognize Meinari speech patterns.

To Aruko's right, Rani had no such issues with her name's pronunciation, but she hadn't missed Akeirra's troubles. She glanced around the young man between them and caught Akeirra's glance, offering her an encouraging smile. Akeirra returned it weakly and the two girls turned their focus back to their own screens. It would be a long test; no time to waste.

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