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So BioWare wants to make people play a Dragon Age version of Commander Shepard.

How utterly original! NOT!!!

No importation of the character you worked SO !!@@ing hard to level up to 30 in the course of Dragon Age: Origins and Awakening? No clicking text and picking out which ones are the "special" ones related to your race, class or skills (like Willpower and Cunning)? I swear--at least with the text clicks, there were literally HUNDREDS of conversational combinations you could pick? Now? You could exhaust all of "Hawke's" dialogue options in about three separate playthroughs. More combat-oriented? Please. The reason I'm so addicted to Dragon Age is BECAUSE of the RP, not IN SPITE OF IT.

When I "tweak" Hawke's stats, I'm making his intelligence 8 if possible. That way, he'll at least be an idiot who will have some "dialogue wheel" options like "Angry grunt", "Meh", "Hit on target!" and "Playful Gibberish". Thus, I will have my revenge upon this horrible desecration of what made the original Dragon Age so fantastic! It makes me want to re-buy and re-install Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura again, just for the RP.

All the same, if GameSpot loves DA2, I'll probably download it and give it a shot. *sigh*

Am I addicted? Like any drug user...
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