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Yes there is a way to do all of that.

1. To put a model in the race selection menu takes a fair bit of effort. So it is easier to use the playermodel method. Here is a link for you: Follow it step by step and it will work. I've done it successfully so I can say the tut works.

2. To put two different models on keyboard shortcuts is possible. I have a few set up this way myself. You'll need to know the name of the npc files for this to work. For my example I'm going to pretend the names are Maul1 and Maul2. In game bring down the console (shift + '~') and type in:
bind N playermodel maul1
bind M playermodel maul2
You can also do this in you JAconfig.cfg

3. Once again this is done with key binding and the saber command. You'll need to know the name of the sabers for this. For my example I'll use asajj_single and asajj_staff. Open console and type in:
bind J saber asajj_single
bind K saber asajj_single asajj_single
bind L saber asajj_staff

It is possible to combine these two commands as well. Just seperate them with a ";" You'll also have to put quotes around the whole bind. Ex:
bind N "playermodel maul1; saber asajj_single"
bind M "playermodel maul2; saber asajj_staff"
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