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Hey all, here's a half-arsed update for you. Redrob41 and I are almost done with Bespin. He's got one bonus skin to produce and I haven't to figure out how I want to incorporate it into the game (to be honest I haven't looked at how to do it). Soon...
Anyhoo, to tide you over here's something I was working on when I released my Naga Sadow head (shameless plug!) and I just now got back to it. Obviously there are a few things to work out (UVs, weights, and an actual texture, not to mention that horrible hair), but it's something to look at. So, I present to you Cade Skywalker!

If I get this out in a timely fashion I might do a version with his duster and his 'Special', but don't hold your breath on that.

Oh and in case you don't know who Cade Skywalker is he's the descendant of Luke. Check out the Star Wars: Legacy comics. The final issue comes out in August. I'm so excited. Be forewarned, though. This guy is a total douche. He's nothing like Luke.

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