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The Veiled Forest
"I'm no expert, but if his axe is sentient, it'll likely be too intelligent to be affected by such a basic spell. You'd have to render it inert and mundane if you want to stop it." Athra pointed out. "Even that would likely prove difficult. I think it would be best if we sought out Ser Jaymes before we figure anything else out."

The Eastern Plains, Road to Stormrise

Unfortunately, for the Knights Opaque, they had grown tired in their search, and were unprepared for the trap set by the Blue Knights. Dressed in all black, rather than their typical blue regalia, Ser Jaymes poured oil onto the road, thick enough to stop the Knights Opaque's caravan, but too thin for it to be visible. Once they slipped on it, Ser Alistair tossed a couple of smoke bombs at the the group, blinding those not already unconscious. Ser Erina then made her way into the commotion, and spotting the captive peasants, pried open the irons, and led the four of them out, telling them, "Come with us if you want to live."

By the time Ser Dathrace and Ser Anithrelle came to, it was too late, and neither the peasants or their saviours were anywhere to be found.

The Eastern Plains, Lindaren

After the Blue Knights had been established, Ser Jaymes felt it appropriate to reclaim Lindaren, and make use of it as another base, more secluded and more fortified than the
Abandoned Watchtower they also used.

The four peasants were still in shock, but they gladly accepted this oddly well furnished ruin over the . They saw their mysterious rescuers conversing. "Well done, we have just turned the Knights Opaque's first victory into their first defeat." The man who appeared to be their leader said before turning to them.

"You're probably wondering who we are and why we brought you here, and you have a right to know. My name is Ser Jaymes Caran, Commander of the Blue Knights. We brought you here, to Lindaren, because unlike the Knights Opaque, we understand that magick can be a force for good or for evil, and we aim to save those undeserving, like yourselves, from their clutches. If we had not intervened, you would likely be dead by now." Ser Jaymes explained. Then, Ser Erina stepped forward.

"You'll be safe here, and you're free to leave whenever you feel you can avoid the Knights Opaque, and free to stay as long as you need to." She told them.

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