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Originally Posted by Char Ell View Post
I guess we should agree to disagree on this one. KotOR II is an example of a game that could have been much better if more development time had been granted it. While I don't think that a long development timeframe guarantees a good quality game, I do hold the opinion that a good quality CRPG can not be developed in less than two years. I won't change that opinion until I see it happen. I will judge Dragon Age 2 on its merits whenever it comes out though I won't be able to determine DA2's development timeframe unless it's known when development actually started.
I started a thread about this in the official Bioware forums. I got insulted by fanboys (one even asking what Bioware had to do with Star Wars) before a moderator shut it down.

However, I agree with you completely. If you look at the development time for Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age 2, you'll see it's almost unrealistic to think Dragon Age 2 will be top-notch.

Unless Bioware allowed a small team to polish the original DA (it was delayed a few months if I remember correctly) and shoved the rest of their team on Dragon Age 2. In any case, I'm excited for this, but I'm doubting Dragon Age or Mass Effect 2 quality can be met.

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