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Coruscant Entertainment Center

The tainted love of a blind doll
Revan sama

No specific time: Revan and Visas in love

The piece holds you warm in it’s grasp, bringing the two characters together, and allows you to see Visas’ heart yearning. Her inner argument, that it is selfish doesn’t stop it from being poignant.

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Pick of the Week

Wine and Pointless Blabbering

NonSW fiction: How to get past a writer’s block

The piece is as the title suggests, merely drink and pointless words. The introduction is frenetic in his wish to write, only the end result is rather sad.

Destiny on the Front
Editor Jen

Star Wars Battlefront: A player get trapped inside the game

The piece is confusing if you don’t know the game, as the author said. However the scenes flowed very well, and the character using her own capabilities to bypass the systems was well done.

Something I would like to see more of.

Dark Knights
Djinn Slashfen

Pre KOTOR: Revan and Malak travel to gather the location of the Star Forge and fall toward the darkness in the process

The piece is convoluted, Revan at times the Jedi still, but more the soldier she has been and will be. She is reaching the ‘ends justify the means’ level of reality, and Malak finds himself drawn along willy-nilly.

Pick of the Week

Almost Dawn

Originally reviewed 21 April 2006 at kotorfanmedia, that review is below:

A missing scene from Kotor II. Carth and Canderous team up to rescue Revan

This is the fifth time Allronix has been reviewed by me. It just keeps getting better.

Reprise Pick of the week.

Knights of the Old Republic: The AU Story

KOTOR on Taris: A generic retelling of the beginning of the game

I did not have time to read very far, but the piece seems to be pretty much what you would expect. There is little character interaction beyond the expected.

The Mandalorian Wars


PreMandalorian Wars: The stage is set

Remember conversation breaks. At one point you had three different people speaking in the same sentence.

Memoirs of the Exile

Post TSL: The Exile Dark Lord reminisces

The piece is diary style, so you would anticipate it is dry, but this was too dry for my liking.


Before the Dawn, Part 1
Binary Star

Pre KOTOR: Hell comes to Telos

The piece sneaks up on you. A normal day is shattered by war, and Dustil finds in himself some of his father’s strength. The boy automatically assuming command in the crisis could some day be his father’s image.

Pick of the Week

A Jedi Restored

KOTOR on Dantooine: An exiled Jedi has her status returned

The piece was confusing as I had no background for it. According to dialogue, this is just after Taris, but there are two new faces, only one of which we see, and this one remembers Revan as a man, so it cannot be Revan. The basis of her exile is almost trite and insulting; being removed from the order just from an accusation.

Mantle of the Force

Post TSL: An odd pair of brothers reunited

The premise, that Atton and Carth are brothers, was an interesting way to bind the two games together. The piece is too short to see much interaction between them. The only negative is to remember conversation breaks

The Coming Darkness, Chapter One:
Darth Kronos

TSL on Malachor V: The Dark Exile strikes not at Revan, but at her friends

The piece flows well, and the rationale behind his attack is cold and cunning

It's My Life

Post KOTOR on the un-named planet: Revan drops a bomb shell on Canderous

The piece is short and sweet. The build up is steady until the bomb lands, and the only problem is we never hear his reply.

Plot Twists, Prologue

KOTOR aboard Endar Spire: The story begins with a twist…

The piece sneaks up on you, and the twist of having a foursome of college students instead of Revan is cute. Their interplay as they fight the first battles is funny. ‘The force beats guns’ is cute considering what Trask had done.

I agree with Luna; Where’s Darth Tater when you need the spud?

Pick of the Week

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