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Sorry about that. We tend to go over board with Shem from time to time

My only response is:

How can you expect to find anything critical on a website, where the main goal is to PROMOTE EVERYTHING STAR WARS CONNECTED?! Look up forums and users.

And that's it.

Back on topic.

I don't think the man will have any problems with finding a job and I really doubt that TFU III (if planed) would be canceled because of that. In a big company there are always at least 3/4 people waiting for someone to quit. I don't think it's as important as we would like to think.

I don't want to start a war here but I can't help but think that he could have been forced to quit because of the story controversy. Don't say there isn't any, there many fans, on many boards demanding the game to be declared non canon. Just a thought. Nothing negative in mind.

I would be more concerned about the sales... And by that I mean the game will most probably sell less copies than the first one. And I think that because it's being released for less platforms that TFU1. No PSP and no PS2 this time around (DS?), and it did sell well on those platforms.

And if it sells less than the original it will be considered less successful. I could be totally wrong about this but still it's a thing to think about.

Also I think it is promoted a lot less than the first one. Remember all the developer videos, tech videos, rumors and video interviews? None of that now.
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