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"I turned off the Life Support systems, so they could buy our story that this ship is indeed derelict." Cade implied. "While we wait for them to drag us in with their tractor beam, we hide in the hidden compartments around the ship to avoid a scanner crew. Questions?"

"I do!" Tino said through his breathing mask after everyone else put theirs on, "When do we get to kick some Sith bun?! Oh, and how long will it be till we get to that ship?"


As Saluna watched in shock at what Sethos did, a tree came down towards her, making her gasp. Thankfully, Cylax came to her aide and tossed her out of the way. When she looked up, he made the signal when he got up.


"Let's move!" Saluna shouted, and the other Ysanna warriors jumped from the tree branches and started to kill off the rest of the Sith, using their traditional weapons and the Force.

Saluna came to Cylax. "Are you all right?" When she asked that, a Sith came running towards them, lightsaber raised. Saluna glanced with a hard look. Extending her right arm, two small daggers slid down her metal wristband and into her hand. Then, in a swift motion, she threw the daggers at the Sith.

One hit his throat. The other hit his heart. The Sith immediately fell down on the ground, dead. Saluna looked back at Cylax and grinned.


Lyna and Syana, along with the others, fought off the Sith to protect the underground city. The young woman looked up and sensed Sethos nearby. "Syana! Stay with Atrila, Myzu, JoJo and Jomo. I'll deal with Sethos."

"Right!" Syana nodded, and continued to fight. Lyna ran towards the direction of Sethos, using the Force to sense his presence. She Force jumped to where he was.

Finally, she jumped down a distance behind Sethos and glared as she stood up. Many Sith and Stormtroopers were coming her way, and with this, Lyna concentrated on the Force. As they got a little closer, the young woman used Force Repulse, a powerful blow that sent her enemies flying away, and disintegrating some that got too close to the blow.

She walked to where Sethos was and stood a few feet from him, holding her orange-bladed lightsaber firmly. "Sethos..." she said, so he could hear her.

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