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Originally Posted by SW01 View Post
I can't understand the mentality
The mentality is the same as that of Sony and MS falling over themselves in an attempt to get a chunk of the casual game market, and the same as making a KOTOR MMO instead of a SP RPG - money. By "streamlining" it they can appeal to the mass market and make bigger sales. ME2 is their model (pretty much literally, in the case of the dialogue system). Now some may say that's not a bad thing and that they enjoyed ME2 more than ME1. For myself, I found ME2 lacking in many areas compared to ME1 (most notably the almost complete gutting of certain RPG elements) and am not overly thrilled with the prospect of DA undergoing a similar transition.

Originally Posted by Alkonium View Post
Well, for all we know, some of the cultures outside of Ferelden may just call Hurlocks Orcs and Genlocks Goblins. Or were they clear that they were separate from the Darkspawn?
It's the same demo that has been shown everywhere. There are only Darkspawn (an Ogre and some, presumably, Hurlocks) in it, confirmed as such by devs. The whole orc/goblin thing arose because they don't look anything like the Darkspawn of Origins.
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