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@Rhino: That Intel Cantiga chipset should run the game, but it requires that you set the "flipping policy" to "blit" under "3D Options" in the graphics driver control panel. Have you done that? If not, there are links to directions on how to do so in the second post of this thread. If you find that you can't get into your graphics driver control panel, then you'll have to reinstall your drivers even if they say that they're up to date. There is a utility on the Intel website that will detect your chipset and direct you to the appropriate drivers to download and install.

Then start the game and from the main menu hit "Options" and then "Graphics Options", set the resolution to 1024x768, hit "apply" and exit the game.

Then you'll need to set Fullscreen=1 and the resolution (Width and Height) to the same values under both [Display Options] and [Graphics Options] in the swkotor2.ini file. KotOR 2 supports 1280x768 natively, so I would try that because it will fit your screen better. When you're done, it should look something like this:
Originally Posted by [Display Options
Disable Movies=0
Disable Intro Movies=0
Sort Modules=1

[Sound Options]
Sound Init=1
Disable Sound=0

[Graphics Options]
Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1

[Game Options]
EDIT: @Inquisition: You'll need to do exactly the same thing as Rhino.

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