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So I ended-up watching all of Series 5 and, so far, 11 episodes of Series 1.

Series 5 is fantastic. It isn't all great, but there were magical episodes, scary episodes, sad episodes and happy episodes. Everything was a different adventure. I suppose I disliked the two Silurian episodes, as well as Victory of the Daleks, as they both:

1. had characters do things without motivation;
2. didn't fully explain everything.

The Silurian episode also suffered from bad directing. It could've been much better as one episode. Victory of the Daleks ends on a completely unexplained deus ex machina, and at one point goes bat**** insane, completely randomly (from WWII to Star Wars).

Even Moffat didn't do a perfect job. The Beast Below needed work, and he solved the final two-parter with (spoilers) too many paradoxes, I think. And the whole "Pandorica has the DNA of the entire universe!" thing didn't jive with me. I know Who has a healthy slice of pseudo-science, but that was just ridiculous.

But yes, overall, it was a fantastic series. Amy Pond was extremely well thought-out, with a wonderful story and very, it seemed to me, genuine characterisation. The fairytale route just works. Can't wait for Series 6! Moffat is one of my new favorite writers.

Now to Series One...

So far, I've yet to like an RTD episode. I guess it's a shame. He's tonally all over the place, and there's the farting aliens and whole soap opera-style's quite frankly a little jarring. And his Doctor is kind of impatient and maybe a little bit aggressive, though played exceedingly well by the brilliant Christopher Eccleston. I have, however, been enjoying the other episodes. The Charles Dickens one was good - not fantastic, but good. "Dalek" was excellent, and made me fear the little buggers. The ending is just...gah. Pseudo-science as well, but gah, I love a character-driven moment. The guy who wrote that should do more episodes. "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances" are brilliant. I didn't know Moffat had written them - I'd looked away when the writer's name came on - but I was very very impressed. It was an excellent story. And "Father's Day", while not excellent and also directly contradicting established rules, was still very good. It gave Rose and her mum a bit of depth that I liked.

Anyways, two more episodes to go. Am excited.
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