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Yes, agree with all those points.

RTD in Series One was indeed a bit "merely okay". The last episode of the season is pretty damn good though, and the one you're on humanises the Slitheen a little bit... and sets up Torchwood (the series). The one in-between is just bizarre, but has a few nice moments.

The Christmas Invasion (that carries on from The Parting of the Ways) is utterly superb though. Personally I think each season is better than the previous one... well, apart from Season 5, I think they're still all just getting used to their new job titles, plus it does all feel just a little bit more Sarah-Jane Adventures than under RTD.

Originally Posted by Kroms View Post
The guy who wrote that should do more episodes. "
His name's Rob Shearman, and he's a brilliant writer, but sadly he's only done that single episode - mostly because he's a massive slacker (normal writer). He's mostly worked for Big Finish Productions on the Doctor Who audio adventures (which are great, they're literally just "more Doctor Who episodes"). His stories include Jubilee (which Dalek was loosely based on), The Chimes of Midnight, and The Holy Terror, all of which are worth listening to, and not just because the latter has a companion who is a shapeshifter that regularly disguises himself as a penguin.

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