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Dystopia 2030

I admit it: sometimes when I think an idea might make a great novel, I get sick of writing it before I hit Chapter 5. Such a thing happened with ULTIMATUM. I really don't believe that America will become a de facto theocracy, after thinking about it long and hard. No matter what our homegrown religious fundamentalists pay for and pray for, I think that the U.S. will continue to be a primarily secular nation. That said, here are some ideas I'm kicking around for a Dystopia 2030 sort of epicwreck (N: a depiction of an epic wreck of our country). Do these things seem possible, or are they just as weird and foundationally sketchy as the scenario for ULTIMATUM? Please vote for the ideas you think I should "run with", and I'll "run with" the ones you think are most plausible.

Thank you!

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