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Chiron leaned back on a tree watching over the group as they slept. Even in slumber the solids amazed him. He found it rather peaceful when night fell. There was hardly any noise except for the few creatures which he quite enjoyed listening to. He had already napped most of the day anyway so he didn't mind staying up all night on guard duty.

When he did notice the sun pop up he got up from his spot and went to do some hunting. He figured the group would be hungry by the time they got up, so he wanted to be ready. Besides he found that eating was one of his favorite things to do after observing a solid do it. Unsure of what each group member liked, he decided to gather a variety of things. He was fortunate enough to hunt a deer, catch two fish, and gather some berries.

Chiron returned to where he had left the group. He found a large leaf and placed the berries down on it. He had already skinned the deer so all he had to do was cook it. Chiron's version of cooking was burn it until he was satisfied. He was working on the second fish when he heard a noise. He looked up to find Perdante.

"Greetings Perdante," he whispered waving to her. "You're just in time, I just finished with this fish." he added in.
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