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Krishna sat up at his place at the grading table. He eyed all the prospective trainees with a practiced eye. For fifteen years he was a drill instructor and specifically those who chose the Mobile Army over fleet. He made sure that any cadet who passed through his classes knew how to fight especially if they went to top brass.

His eyes focused specifically on the group that he met this morning. From the looks of them he knew they weren't dunderheads. Two he guessed would make decent fleet and one maybe the scouts. He was curious about Blackfern though and the strange alien girl, the Meinari. They were rare just as half Rokusians were. He watched as she struggled to make her identity known to the voice recognition system. He made a note himself to have the engineers adapt to her species speech patterns. They had to be readjusted all the time for all the alien species.

Out of sheer boredom, he began tapping his stylus pencil to annoy the cadets and see if it would bother them. He looked at Tally and gave a grin.

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